75% to 90% of retail traders end up losing money when they participate in forex and CFD trading. You need to ask yourself if you have an understanding of how contracts for difference (CFDs) and leveraged trading operate, and if you have the financial means to take the significant risk of losing your money. When you click on links to products that we have reviewed, it is possible that we will earn compensation. Kindly go over our disclaimer regarding advertising. You are indicating that you accept our Terms of Service by using this website.

Best Forex Broke in Vietnam 2023

Central banking in Vietnam is handled by the State Bank of Vietnam (NHNN), whose responsibilities include maintaining price stability, enforcing government spending programmes, bolstering the resilience of Vietnam’s institutions, and monitoring the country’s banking system.

The NHNN has not yet regulated forex trading with overseas brokers or restricted the way in which they operate in the country, despite having prohibited Floor Foreign Exchange Trading in 2014 to manage the amounts of risk traders were exposed to.

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